AQ Group and its’ subsidiary AQ Films has a unique proficiency in Underwater Filming gained through 10 years of applied experience in the field. Operating as both: a movie production studio and as a production service provider company, we set it our goal to create documentary projects and share the breathtaking discoveries with our viewers around the globe.
Historical Reenactment


AQ Group documentary projects tell the unknown story of the long-lost shipwrecks, discovered during our research expeditions. With the help of professional scriptwriters, historians, filming crew, props construction department and the post-production team, we manage to meticulously re-create all historic events, that led to the loss of those magnificent ships, link them with the newly discovered facts and bring this documentary material back from the past for the audience to see.


Our passion for underwater filming and exploration is supported by the availability of the required expertise, the unique history and culture of the beautiful Maltese islands. That, together with the developed infrastructure, attention to detail and unconditional love for what we do give us an opportunity to provide the best possible service and deliver a high quality movie projects.



The research vessel U-Boat Navigator provides a wide range of exploratory opportunities, bringing the most ambitious projects to life. It is equipped with an ROV, decompression chamber, wet diving bell, on-deck A-crane, modern medical system and other facilities. Cutting-edge submersibles Triton 3300/3 and Triton 3300/1 MD ensure unbelievable underwater experience, making it possible to achieve every goal researchers set


Historical research and marine archaeology in collaboration with Filmmaking are predominate interests of AQ Group. Making new discoveries about the ancient shipwrecks is a fascinating addition to the everyday historical analysis process. Therefore, our research team discovers new opportunities every year with the exploration of new shipwrecks around the globe during its expeditions.


Our research expeditions head to different countries, exploring various aspects of the underwater world and marine life. AQ Group team has immersed to HMHS Britannic and S/S Burdigala in the Aegean Sea, Frigate Oleg in the Baltic Sea, number of legendary wrecks around Malta, and to many other remarkable objects on the seabed. The background historical research allows AQ Group to produce detailed documentaries that offer the viewer to experience the breathtaking events of the past.


Apart from scientific and exploratory research, U-Boat Malta also offers the VIP Diving opportunity for the interested clients.
Feel the magnificence of the underwater world with U-Boat’s submersible Triton 3300/3 and enjoy the greatest adventure. The possibilities are borderless, from visiting the underwater historical sites and wrecks on the small depth up to the exploring the deep-water life on a 1000 meters.



Our company have full-scale post-production team that can provide a unique range of services. We can organize a full pre- and post-production cycle, including such tasks as Editing, Color Correction/Grading, DCP Mastering, and a full range of VFX/CG Services.


AQ Group and its developing subsidiaries are devoted to various businesses, mainly focusing on Film Production and Underwater Research. We are proud to promote the richness of Maltese islands at numerous international festivals and reputable exhibitions related to filming and underwater explorations.

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